Study for a test with a cheat sheet

Here’s a quick study tip.

To study for a test, pretend you are able to have a cheat sheet and fill it with as many short and concise notes that would help you pass your test. By the time you are done, you will have successfully studied.

Make a cheat sheet

Make a cheat sheet

Whenever I had an exam and was able to make a cheat sheet, I never had to use it because of how much I reviewed in the process of making the sheet.

This was tested on 89 students by Dorsel and Cundiff in 1979, The Cheat-Sheet: Efficient Coding Device or Indispensable Crutch?. Here is the interesting part of their conclusion:

As this study suggests, when one makes a cheat-sheet but does not become dependent on it (that is, is aware it cannot be used), one performs just as well as, if not better than, when a cheat-sheet is either not made at all, or made and used. If, however, one becomes dependent on the cheat-sheet (that is, expects to use it) and then is deprived of its use, one’s performance suffers greatly in comparison to various conditions of non-dependence.

Bonus: this will save you time when trying to study for finals; all your notes should be right there.

And if you find this method doesn’t work, you already have a cheat sheet for the test! (Just kidding, SmartStudent does not condone cheating!)

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