Learning Is Fun, Rote Learning Is Passe

We have always heard that education is essential in today’s world to lead a comfortable life. Then, why aren’t we giving it the importance that is required? It is the traditional outdated learning technique to be blamed. There are too many loopholes in the education system that makes it quality questionable.

Many think that rote learning, where you basically memorize your subject and replicate what you memorize in the exam, is not particularly an efficient and useful way of learning. I am not saying it doesn’t have its uses but content which are learnt in this way doesn’t really stay in the memory for the rest of your life. You just store it in your head for temporary basis till you write your exam and then erase it. This doesn’t impart any knowledge or value to your life. I think we at times either forget the main goal of education or confuse it to climbing the ladder to a more luxurious life. I do agree education is the way to enhance your status but that is not all.

Choose the subject which you would like to explore

Choose the subject which you would like to explore

Learning Is Fun, Rote Learning Is Passe

There is lot more to education and learning that you need to understand.

When you sit down to simplify the entire concept of education, you realize its main goal is to provide you knowledge on subjects that you are interested in. It enables you to apply the knowledge acquired to do something useful and productive, for both, yourself and the world.

Here are some simple tips that will make the act of educating yourself more fun and the possibility of learning more attractive and desirable.

Find The Subject That Enthrals You

Choose the subject which you would like to explore. This might seem like a broken record that you have heard far too many times. But never forgo this practice. If you are going to learn something useful, why not choose the subject that fascinates and enthrals you? Learning is a never ending process. You can never learn enough about a subject that truly holds your interest.

Don’t Force Yourself

Okay, if you are a parent reading this, you will probably be thinking I am out of my senses. But seriously, things which are forced doesn’t really offer the results expected. Trust your child to make the right choices regarding their education. If you are a student, you might be scorning right now, thinking you would never read voluntarily because you find it a very boring activity. What I really meant to say is, read your subject when you have the mood to acquire knowledge. This might not make sense to you right now, but trust me, when you are really in a mood to learn, you will embrace the concepts and understand them much more easily.


Rote learning doesn’t have any use other than gaining marks. This might be the wrong thing to say since grading high is what every University seem to preaching us since we have started learning. You might wholeheartedly agree with the concept of reading to score high but a few years later when you are working for a living you might regret it. Scoring high in your exams is necessary and required but understanding what you are writing is much more important. Everyone can replicate or duplicate what is in the books, there needs to be something that sets you apart. So try to understand the concept and have a curious mind- ask loads and loads of questions till you get a satisfactory answer..

Motivate Yourself

Find out what motivates you, and use that to raise your interest in learning. Reward yourself when you achieve something. In the same way, if you don’t understand the concepts or feel confused or get a little less score in your exams than others, first forgive yourself and cut some slack for yourself. Once you are at peace with yourself, identify the problem and then go about solving it.

All I would like to say is that there are some great leaders out there who didn’t have a traditional education such as Bill Gates and still turned out fine (in fact, great). Here you are having the luxury as compared to many other people out there in attending classes given by experts in the field, so why not use it to the fullest. Be passionate and enjoy what you read. Before you realize, you will be in love with learning.

This guest post is submitted by Heather Mills. She is a professor in a leading college and has a masters degree in educational leadership. She teaches students how to become a successful businessman. She likes blogging in her spare time.

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