Pitfalls A Freelance Graphic Designer Must Avoid

Graphic designer career or business can be rewarding for many people, especially if you possess the creative streak. Graphic Designers work is not about playing with shapes and colours but also putting in their heart and soul into designing what’s best for their line. Not only does the trade have great demand all over the world but like any other profession, it also suffers from stiff competition. Similar to any other business or career even this trade has its own share of pitfalls.

Pitfalls A Freelance Graphic Designer Must Avoid

Some of them can be categorized as follows.

Lack of Proper Communication

It is essential to keep in touch with the client through all available means, may it be for discussing available options or for seeking clarifications from time to time. It is a two way channel which can be used for clearing doubts as well as for exchanging ideas

Be Original

Most of the freelancer graphic designers fail because they tend to ape ideas that do not belong to them. This needs to be avoided. Being original always puts you in a position of command and respect.

Legal Binding

It is necessary to have a signed legal contract before you start work. The legal contract should spell out the nitty-gritty of what is expected out of both parties. A legal frame always sets the expectation level clearly on both the ends./li

Requirement Study

It is mandatory that the client freezes his entire requirements. In his absence, it would be correct to have the clientrsquo;s approval on your idea and then move forward. This is a very important phase as it would decide the future course of the project./li

Do not appease a Client

There is a tendency amongst the new comers to try and appease the client. It would be a disaster if the client does not have any idea about designing. At first, it would be alright to take the clientrsquo;s idea, but later on, it is necessary to explain why it would fail if it was implemented. The clientrsquo;s comfort level increases when he/she comes to know you know better than him/her. A client always feels happy when he is educated.

Keep it Simple

Avoid getting into complex designs just to satisfy the aesthetic sense of the client. A simple design avoids a great deal of confusion.

Appropriate Invoice on time:

This is a general mistake an amateur freelancer can perform. Either an incompetent or a delayed invoice can cost the freelancer by a great deal. Give quality at competitive prices.


Clients give deadlines according to their requirements. It is necessary to achieve this deadline and ensure that the client does not lose his confidence in you.

Improper Technology

Who does not use technology today?nbsp; If you are a tech savvy designer and a computer nerd, it is important to have appropriate software which enhances the picture and color quality. It is also necessary to have a necessary back-up of the work you have done from time to time. This gives the client a clear picture of what had happened and what is happening.

Take feedback regularly

Good, bad or ugly, take feedback from the client and work on it sincerely.

Every amateur freelance graphic designer should get educated on these points and avoid them in the present and the future. This would help them be a successful graphic designer.

Suzanne Middleton is guidance counsellor who blogs about education and it’s importance in society. She talks about the opportunities for holders of a diploma of Graphic Design and how more companies will be hiring these graduates in the coming years.

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