The Top 5 Colleges To Fall In Love

When it comes to college, students don’t head out simply for the education. Many are looking for a well-rounded experience. They want to feel independence, live in a new place, and meet new people. Many will find their lifetime partner while studying for a rewarding career.

The Top 5 Colleges To Fall In Love

For those who are looking for Cupid’s bow to strike, here are the top 5 colleges to fall in love.

1. American University

Journey into the heart of the nation’s capital when attending this private university, experiencing all that the area has to offer. Created in 1892, it has a solid reputation as an institution of higher learning that has been build to last. History buffs will love the fact that this campus was inspired by George Washington. Our first president was in favor of a national university near our capital. With its attractive grounds and architecture, students are provided with an appealing background for their studies. There are many opportunities for entertainment, making love easy to obtain while in pursuit of a degree.

2. Assumption College

Assumption College is located in Massachusetts and has a strong, religious foundation as a Catholic institution. For anyone who heads to this liberal arts school, they can prepare for business, professional programs, and life. It is an attractive setting where people band together and watch out for one another, conscious of a higher power providing guidance along the way. It is only natural that love may come knocking at the door as well.

Augustana College

Augustana College

3. Augustana College

It’s off to Rock Island, Illinois, on the Mississippi River for Augustana College. Everyone knows that love is all about location, location, location! Augustana definitely has the edge with its proximity to water and wooded campus. Originally founded in 1860, this liberal arts college is placed in a river valley with an incredible view and access to many activities where it will be easy to woo someone’s true love.

4. Ball State University

Head to Muncie, Indiana and a university that promotes itself as a place where people are brought together for some good, clean fun and excellent instruction. The college traces its roots to 1899, bringing tradition to students. The campus is a unique blend of the present and the past, with amazing architecture and artwork. As students immerse themselves in study in a location that claims to thrive with energy, they’re bound to find like-minded partners. Love is in the air, whether it’s for four years or the long haul.

5. Bard College

Bard College at Simon’s Rock. The name alone conjures romance. Take a look at the campus and visions of knights at the Round Table and English manors come to mind. The place is incredible, with magnificent buildings situated in rural New York with a view of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. It began as a collection of estates in the 1850’s, later to be converted to a liberal arts college. As students explore their options in life, they are likely to fall in love in this whimsical setting that will make them feel as they’ve been transported back in time.

Toby Reynolds is a career counselor who has written guides to the top online colleges and degree programs available.

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