Five Best Careers For Health Science Graduates

With a health science degree, people are able to enter into a wide range of career paths. For the most part, obtaining a degree in health sciences will lead to a career in which a professional works with patients, or helps produce health-related products.

Common professions found within the health sciences field include acupuncturists, anesthesiologists, sports medicine physicians, radiologists, and pharmacy technicians.

Five Best Careers For Health Science Graduates

These types of careers are five excellent career fields to enter because they lead to promising salaries, and are in high demand.

1. Acupuncturists



This type of professional is commonly referred to as a naturopath, naturopathic physician, or homeopathic doctor. Generally, acupuncturists provide treatment for a wide variety of reasons through the use of needles that exhibit electrical currents. Sometimes, they also provide massage therapy services. In order to become an acupuncturist, a person will need to have good leadership skills, great critical decision making capabilities, and have the ability to handle a wide range of responsibilities. This type of professional will also need a graduate degree of some sort.

2. Anesthesiologist Assistants

Common names for anesthesiologist assistants include orthopedic physician assistants, surgical physician assistants, and family practice physician assistants. These types of assistants aid anesthesiologist with the administration of anesthesia to patients who are undergoing surgical and non-surgical procedures. In addition, the assistants may monitor the status of a patient once anesthesia has been administered. Most employers of anesthesiologist assistants prefer for a person to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition to a degree, a person will need to be able to follow directions in an effective manner to become this type of assistant.

3. Sports Medicine Physicians

A sports medicine physician may be referred to as a emergency medicine specialist, neonatal doctor, aviation medicine specialist, and much more. Sports medicine physicians spend their time diagnosing, treating, and preventing injuries that people obtain when taking part in sporting events and other types of physical activities. This career profession is in very high demand. In order to become this type of doctor, a person will need at least a doctorate degree in sports medicine. The average salary for people who become a sports medicine physician is about R1.720.024,39 ($187,400) a year.

4. Radiologic Technologists

This type of professional is commonly referred to as a registered radiologic technologic, MRI technologist, or a computed tomography scanner operator. People who become this type of technologist spend their time taking x-rays and performing CAT skins. In some instances, a radiologic technologist may administer substances into a patient’s bloodstream so that diagnoses can be obtained. In order to become this type of professional, a person will need an associate’s degree. Some employers allow these types of technologists to obtain a vocational certificate.

5. Pharmacy Technicians

Common names for pharmacy technicians are pharmacy laboratory technicians and certified pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians take direct orders from a pharmacist and fill prescription orders. The filling of these orders usually involves counting out pills, measuring liquids, and labeling prescription bottles. These types of technicians are also often in charge of maintaining a pharmacy’s inventory levels. There are numerous job openings for pharmacy technicians, and a person will need at least an associate’s degree to obtain such a job.

Marla Briggs is a health science graduate who recently contributed to the guide to getting the Best Online Health Science Degree.

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