Be Prepared To Be Surprised With The 5 Actual Accounting Jobs You May Not Have Known

There are plenty of accounting jobs out there for talented, well experience candidates and that too with the best companies. But a recent study has brought out a list of unconventional accounting jobs that actually exist in the market.

Yes, they exist!

Maybe your career path is on the accounting road, and you really have no idea which domain of accounting would you be most comfortable in. Being a CPA is so passeacute; and traditional, with a low sense of appeal. And no one wants to work in the nine to five rigmarole anymore, may it be in an office or a school.

1. Corporate entertainers need accountants

Corporations need accountants

Corporations need accountants

Being a corporate trainee accountant for an entertainment company will shower you with the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, movie studios, production houses etc. Your main job would be to take care of all financial deals, which would include budgeting for production houses and sometimes, even royalty deals too.

Honestly speaking, the competition for such jobs is no less than a battlefield. You have to be best in your field to be able to crack the opportunity. One of the perks of working in such a job would be the added benefit of being invited over to seven star and cregrave;me-de-la-cregrave;me parties and functions.

2. Wanted: An accountant for a sports organization

Don’t be surprised if you read this in the morning tabloids. And if you are passionate about any form of sports, your skills can now be channelized to handling their budgets and payrolls too. They need finance departments which are fully fledged and usually bank on professional accountants and analysts. Perks would include a casual weekend out with the team at one of the best places, and behind the scenes activity, with the “who’s who” of the sports fraternity!

3.  The FBI needs you

And we don’t say this with a negative tone here; in fact, the FBI does need you as an accountant who can manage their pennies. The FBI is mainly in charge of swooping down on criminal activities. And when you join them as an accountant, your expertise would be needed to investigate financial crimes, business disputes and embezzlements of the fraudulent funds. The FBI also needs skilled professionals to have the best certification in accounting, business handling and financial dealings or analysis too./p

4. Software companies are on the lookout

Now if you thought software engineering jobs was all about coding and de-coding, you got it all wrong. Such companies deal with a variety of clients every day, and one of them could be large finance houses and corporations. To meet their demands, the software engineers need help with accountancy and audit software to work on. That’s unconventional and high paying too!!

5. Designers need accountants

We can really never fathom how much a designer would make, but let’s just say ten times more or maybe hundred. Irrespective of that, a designer would need an accountant’s help, not only to keep his kitty in check, but also to ensure his taxation is done on time and his audit is clear.

So there you are folks, the top 5 unheard of accountancy jobs!! Are you up for it?

Jill Anderson works full-time as an HR specialist for a recruiting firm in Sydney. She is currently busy due to the surge in applicants for accountant jobs.

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