Valentine’s Day ideas for students

Valentine’s Day as a college student can be one of the highlights of your semester.

Whether you’re celebrating with a boyfriend or girlfriend or celebrating being single, here are some neat ideas to how to make the most of a Valentine’s Day at university.

Here are some valentine’s Day ideas for students and non-students alike.


Put together an inexpensive picnic basket with a cheap bottle of wine (Obikwa Shiraz 2009, approximately R30 a bottle) and enjoy each others company somewhere peaceful.

Stalk her Pinterest account

Seriously – girls use these as virtual wish-lists for every. single. occasion. (full warning: they will also have a “wedding” board. don’t be alarmed, she’s been planning her wedding since birth, this is just what it looks like now that ‘planning’ it is just a click away).

Bake something homemade

Everyone loves homemade goods — and, luckily, even if you’re not good in the kitchen, you can still give a unique homemade good with a little coordination. You can always order something from a nice local bakery or even make something from a box/mix that you got at the grocery store. Add a little of your own decorations and you’ll be good to go.


It may not be the first thing that comes to mind for Valentine’s Day, but it just may be what you’re looking for. You’ll help out your community and leave with a fantastic feeling in your heart. And what’s not to like about that?

Thanks advice duck

Thanks, advice duck

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