10 useful tips to know going into college

Over on AskReddit user icy_moose asks “What are some useful tips to know going into college?”.

We’ve selected some of the best replies to his question and posted them here.

What are some useful tips to know going into college?

1. Go to f*****g class.

Some simple but solid advice from user monkeyboy351. User sdonaldsonjr adds to the point:

Absolutely this… GO TO CLASS, EVERY SINGLE ONE… Depending on where you go, every class is relatively expensive! (i calculated it out for my school and my education) it cost me approximately $50 per class (per day) to sit in. If you don’t go it’s like throwing the money right out the window, its disrespectful to the professor and to the rest of the class as well.

Get to know your professor ¹

Get to know your professors ¹

2. The bathrooms near faculty buildings are usually much nicer.

ColorfulRadiation provides a great bathroom tip. If you’re a girl: use the women’s restroom in the engineering building.

3. It doesn’t matter who you were in high school.

Maybe the best advice in the list by user whiteboyday. It doesn’t matter if you were a prince in high school and had people lining up to kiss your feet. This sort of thing will end in college, and you will have to develop real character if you want to form lasting relationships with people.

4. If you had trouble with organization in high school, buy a planner

“If you had trouble with organization in high school, buy a planner and use it religiously. Doing this saved my first-term” says GoGoBitch. Google Calendar is great for this,

5. Use a condom

Solid advice from thundergoat789. It takes 10 seconds to put one on, and that 10 seconds can be the difference between a good time and a lifetime of STD or child support payments. Or both.

6. Get to know your professors.

They could give you connections that may help you out years down the line.

7. Be frugal with your spending.

Remember, you’re a student. Don’t waste your money.

8. Don’t be discouraged if your grades are lower than your expectations

Your first semester’s grades will probably be lower than what’s normal for you. That’s because you’re adjusting to the way college works. High school probably didn’t adequately prepare you for it. So don’t freak out if you find yourself not at your prime. It happens all the time.

9. Join a club, group, student organization

User ploddingpolisciguy mentions that some of the brightest students ended up on academic probation (they didn’t stay for more than a semester) because they studied too much (yes, there is such a thing). It is possible to spend so much time in the books that it is ineffective. Have some fun. Just make sure you schedule your fun when you are planning out your week so you don’t neglect schoolwork.

10. Have a great time!

College is a very interesting part of your life, so make sure you have fun!

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