Summer Jobs For Students On Cruise Ships

Like most other tourist industries, the cruise sector has peaks and troughs ‒ the summer being one of the busiest times for many of the routes. This means that there is a spike in the number of employees required just about around the time that the universities break up for summer. Combine this with the fact that cruise ships offer a wide range of both skilled and unskilled positions, a lifestyle that is lots of fun and involves working with other people of a similar age, and there are some good reasons why summer jobs for students on cruise ships are a great idea. No matter what kind of cruise ship you apply to work on, the advantage are quite similar – you get to get out and see the world, pick up some new skills and earn some money along the way.

There are a number of different types of summer jobs available for students on cruise ships, with varying degrees of difficulty and different skills required. The options you are offered will depend on the kind of ship you’re going to be working on.

Summer Jobs For Students On Cruise Ships

Most cruise ships are like large floating hotels, which means that there are usually openings for cabin stewards. You rarely need experience or specific skills for this job, other than the motivation to work quickly, turning down beds and cleaning out cabins, and the commitment to stick at it. As it’s a customer-facing role, anyone applying for the role of a cabin steward should also be comfortable working around people.

Waiting tables

Queen Mary 2 waiters at afternoon tea

Queen Mary 2 waiters at afternoon tea

Waiting on tables is another great student summer job on a cruise ship as you’re often working in a fun environment, where most people around you are on holiday, and the work is never dull. You don’t usually need experience to apply to work as a waiter or waitress in the bars or restaurants of a cruise ship, but you will need to be happy working with the public and have a presentable public face (i.e. brush your hair etc!). This is also the job where you’re likely to see the most tips, particularly if you’re able to add to the enjoyment of the passengers’ trip.

Ship facilities

Most cruise ships these days are fully equipped with every kind of amenity, from a swimming pool(s) to numerous shops, a spa and beauty salon. All of these facilities need to be staffed, which provides plenty of opportunity for student jobs. If you want to work as a beautician or lifeguard then it’s likely that you will need qualifications, but this is not the case for the ship’s retail outlets. Finally, as most cruises aim to keep their customers engaged whilst on board, there are lots of roles available for entertainers ‒ whether you’re looking to try your hand at a spot of cabaret, or you’ve always had a passion to be part of the daily cregrave;che. Remember, that the requirement for qualifications with the more specialised roles can vary so check before you apply.

As a student, taking a summer job on a cruise ship is the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only will you be able to earn some money on your university break but you’ll have able to have some fantastic experiences too. Lookout for jobs listed on the websites of major cruise companies like Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean – its also worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page to be the first to know when they release their summer job adverts.

Cruise ship jobs are generally oversubscribed so you’ll need to be on the ball if you’re going to snap up one of these roles.

John is a freelance writer based in the UK.

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