Tips For Efficient Public Speaking

Here we have another public speaking article to complement last week’s great one.

Public speaking is an art and a refined one at that. People have often made the mistake of being ill-prepared to speak in front of an audience. To deliver a speech requires detailed preparation to give out a professional and concise performance.

The Sound of Your Own Voice

Our voices are owned by us and learning about your own voice is essential to attract a listening ear. If you are about to speak in front of 50 people, that is 100 ears that will be listening to you. Depending on your subject matter, which you will have already written, break the content down to deliver your speech in a tidy manner. Usually, public speakers are given a time slot for their speech. Three minutes to deliver a speech may not sound a long time but, it will feel like days if you become tongue tied. Read and re-read your speech and make clear notes on where you will pause for breath and where you will give the audience a moment to absorb your information.

Read the prepared speech in front of a mirror, with a hairbrush as a microphone. Singing into a hairbrush was not invented for nothing. It has it’s uses, practice the tone of your voice and deepen where there is an emotive sentence and lighten your voice at the end of the topic.

Tone of voice is what you will need to concentrate on and practice any difficult pronunciations until you are pitch perfect. Another tip is to record yourself reading out loud. This will give you the opportunity to assess how you will sound to the public and adapt your tone of voice. Tone is just as important as the content. Tone will deliver your speech in the essence it is supposed to be delivered.

Body language Techniques

Our body language is a language all of it’s own. It delivers and quantifies our speech. If you’re nervous, then your body language will dictate so. If you’re feeling paranoid that people will not be entertained or engaged, your body language will display this. If you use your hands when you speak, which many people do, then address your hand signs and keep them swift and neat.

If you study politicians, they always use their hands when speaking and while it means very little, hands can be productive in delivering a point. Your whole body language will need some refining to be able to relax, although no slouching, it will make you look as though you are bored and not interested.

Stand tall, with your shoulders straight and look directly at the audience. If you’ve prepared enough for your speech, you should have memorised most of it and will not need to spend too much time looking down at your notes.

Coping Strategies for Anxiety

Even the most proficient public speakers become anxious. Professional speakers will have had years of training and experience to help them through. SO don’t think you are the only person who will suffer from anxiety over your speech. You are not alone and you are just like any other person who is speaking publicly. Learn some breathing techniques, just like swimmers, you will need to learn to breathe properly to get you through to your goal.

If you suffer from sweaty hand syndrome, then have a cooling spray of water to give your hands a quick refresher prior to going on to meet your public. Ensure you have drunk plenty of water beforehand to keep your mind fresh and eat plenty of brain food to exercise your brain and to keep it in good working order for the big day.

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