How to Prepare for Your College Interviews

Fewer things stress serious students out more than the prospect of gaining acceptance into the college of their dreams. In addition to completing mounds of paperwork, scoring big on college entrance exams, and compiling a collection of impressive supporting evidence for their applications, college hopefuls must also sit for the ever nerve-wracking college interview. Fortunately, there are some ways to ease the tension. Here are some tips for how to prepare for your college interviews:

Formulate answers to all of the basic college admissions interview questions

Although you can’t be sure you’ll have to answer all of them, it’s likely that you will run into at least a few. Common admissions interview questions include things like, How will you contribute to our campus? and What are your strengths as a student? Search the web for a comprehensive list of typical college interview questions, and then formulate answers for each one so that you are prepared when the big day comes.

Don't be nervous

Don’t be nervous

Remind yourself of why you want to go to that particular college

Chances are, if you have your heart set on a college, then you have some good reasons why. Your passion for that college can go a long way in earning the interviewer’s favor, so make a list of the things you love about the school you’re interviewing for, and be prepared to profess your undying love for the school at the interview.

Research your interviewer.

Before you go in for your interview, you should know enough about your interviewer to find some common ground and enter into some small talk. For example, if you know that your interviewer has a PhD in African American studies, then it might be a good idea for you to brush up on your knowledge of the Reformation so that you can slip it into one of your answers and make a real, lasting impression.

Practice, the right way

You don’t want your answers to sound rehearsed, so steer clear of writing out a script and reciting it over and over again. Instead, have a friend ask you variations of a list of questions, and attempt to provide a fresh answer each time. In the process, you will not only familiarize yourself with the subjects you should expect to come up against in the interview, but you will also develop a confidence in your ability to address those subjects.

There is no way of getting around it: College admissions interviews are seriously stress inducing. While you can’t possibly expect to avoid pre-interview tension completely, you can at least reduce your jitters, and ensure your best chances of success, by following these interview preparation tips.

About the Author: Dane Gompart works with a Manhattan tutoring group and loves helping his junior and senior high school students not only with their courses, but with college prep work.

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