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It can very easily happen: you planned to start working on your essay in good time, but some days just couldn’t get going. As the lost days piled up, you now find yourself with the deadline facing you in just one day. To get the essay done on time you’ll need to spend all night writing.

Many students face such a predicament at one time or other and it’s the result of bad planning. But don’t despair if you have left your essay until the last minute as there are still several steps you can take to get the best mark you can.

1) Don’t forget an essay plan

Even though you have restricted time, you must still write an essay plan. When you take an exam you still spend a little time planning your answer, and this shouldn’t change for your last minute essay. If you don’t plan you risk writing an unstructured and unfocused essay. As you are trying to get the best mark possible in the time you have, planning remains as important as ever.

 2) Skim read

There are different techniques for skim reading books, but a good way to get the sense of a text is to just quickly read the introduction and conclusion. These parts will give you the author’s larger argument and you should be able to easily incorporate this into your essay. As time is short, you can’t read any books cover-to-cover.

3) Get a first draft written very quickly

There’s a lot to be said for writing a first draft extremely quickly. Even though this won’t be a perfect piece of work by a long way, it at least gives you a large body of text that you can work with. This is better than obsessing over every sentence and trying to make the essay perfect first time. If you have a quick first draft, you can then work on this with the time you have, and it will also give you confidence and a much needed boost that you’re making progress!

4) Still leave time to proofread your work

There’s nothing worse than going to a great deal of trouble getting an essay written at the last moment to then lose easy marks through spelling and grammatical errors. You must still proofread your essay even though you will be short on time. If you don’t it might be clear to the person marking your work that it was written just before the deadline and this could change how they view the overall piece.

Of course, the best thing to do is to write your essay in good time of the deadline and not to leave this to the last moment. Carefully plan your time and do a little bit of work each day and you should have no problems with meeting deadlines. But if you have made a mistake and left your work late, just stay calm and follow the points above, and you should still get your essay in on time.

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