5 Most Amazing University Student Rec Centers

Colleges and universities take pride in their recreation departments. College football, basketball and soccer are followed by many alumni and other fans who want to see their favorite team succeed. For this reason, colleges take their recreational programs seriously, and many have sought to make sure that their recreation center stands out from the rest. The following list details five of the most amazing university recreation centers that offer everything that a student needs whether they are aiming to increase their sporting skills or just seeking to enjoy some relaxation and fun while getting some exercise.

Ohio State University

This university has taken a unique approach to recreation by scattering several gyms all over the campus. This ensures that no matter where a student may be on campus, there is always a gym nearby. The largest gym on the Ohio State University campus spans more than 500,000 feet and houses a massive pool that will make young children jealous with its bubble bench and long slide. An additional six-lane lap pool is also in this gym along with racquetball courts and a jogging track. As if this gym is not impressive enough on its own, the additional gyms hold basketball and tennis courts, a boulder wall and two indoor turn fields.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago may be well-known for its dedication to research and the liberal arts; however, their recreational facilities also make it clear that the physical development of their students is a serious priority. This university recreational program combines art with function in the unique architecture of their Gerald Ratner Athletic Center that was designed by Cesar Pelli, a world-renowned architect. This center holds an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a dance studio and competition gymnasium all within its 150,000 square feet.

Georgia Tech Student Center

University of Missouri

Football is the University of Missouri’s claim to fame, and it is not hard to figure out why. In the Devine Pavilion, team members can practice playing on an indoor field with artificial turf. Students who are not involved in football can also enjoy state-of-the-art facilities such as exercise equipment that can plan music and video. Additionally, it has been rumored that their indoor poolrsquo;s beach that comes complete with a waterfall and lazy river may be the reason that many students enroll in their programs. With options for relaxation like that, it is easy to see why students on this campus are known to play hard.

University of North Dakota

If University of Missouri’s indoor beach scene appears to be the ultimate in relaxation, then the University of North Dakota’s recreational facilities will be sure to please. Their Wellness Center includes a special lounge that is designed to foster meditation. It also has a kitchen where students can practice preparing healthy meals before visiting a Spin Studio that is decked out with lights and music. In addition to these relaxing amenities, the school also has traditional sports facilities for basketball, volleyball and other sports.

University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati seamlessly blends academics and sports by including classrooms in its 200,000 square foot facility. This recreation center also has a strong focus on aquatics with both lap and recreational swimming pools. A suspended jogging trail also helps the university to make the most of its recreation center’s space. A juice bar and convenience store also make it possible for students to refresh themselves after a heavy workout without ever needing to leave the facility./p
pWhen universities and colleges focus on providing top-quality recreational facilities, they help encourage an atmosphere that focuses on physical fitness and well-being. Currently, many universities are beginning to focus on the benefits that a state-of-the-art recreational program can offer to their campus. While this list outlines the 5 most amazing university centers available to prospective and current students, it can only be assumed that others currently have plans to increase the value of their programs by investing in sports and recreation.

Laura Vickery is a college administrator and guest author at www.topcollegesonline.org, where she has contributed articles about top-ranked online degree programs.

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