Why Every College Student Should Own A Slow Cooker

These days, most college students run into two dilemmas when it comes to food: how easy it is to make, and how much it costs. With both of these factors in mind, there is no reason why any college student should go without a slow cooker. It is also a perfect way for parents to be sure that their child is still getting healthy meals away from home!

Here are four great reasons why you should invest in a crock pot

It Is Easy

A slow cooker is the perfect first step to cooking healthy meals, even if you are not a gourmet chef. Cooking a delicious dinner can be hard and very easy to mess up if you are a beginner cook. Most slow cooker recipes simply require you to dump all of the ingredients in the pot and turn on the heat (usually on low heat for 6-8 hours). At the end of the required time, dinner is usually ready to go! Even the most inexperienced cooks can treat themselves to a yummy dinner because a slow cooker is fairly goof-proof. When you are feeling brave and want to experiment, mixing different things in a crock pot is hard to mess up. Also, the leftovers can be put in the freezer to reheat later. Another easy step!

It Saves You Time

While this seems a little ironic since most slow cooker recipes require about 6-8 hours of cooking, there is very little preparation time or actual time spent cooking by you. As mentioned earlier, so many recipes call for a “dump and heat” process. Many college students avoid cooking because it can be time consuming, but with a slow cooker you can just put all the ingredients in the pot in the morning before class, and come home after a full day to a dinner that is done! No slaving over a hot stove required.

Slow Cooker Pulled Turkey

It Is Economical

The initial investment is the slow cooker itself, which can be found as low as $10 in some places, and also the ingredients for each recipe. Buying ingredients for a slow cooker recipe can seem expensive at first, since they are tailored to make large portions, and the cost of the poultry and raw meat is rising. However, since the number of servings in a typical recipe is large, making the rest into leftovers allows you to turn one meal into many meals, making it cheaper per serving

It Makes Delicious Meal

Who doesn’t love savory pulled pork or tender, flavorful chicken? Along with shredded meat or chicken, all of those can be accomplished using a slow cooker. Whether you want barbeque ribs, burritos, or a warm pot roast, a slow cooker makes it easy to make such delicious meals that you thought were previously unattainable due to lack of experience. Plus, it is a good way to fool your friends and family into thinking you are a fantastic, gourmet chef!

Jennifer Hawkins is a professional chef and restaurant owner who understands the challenges of eating right when you are in college. She loves to blog about everything from great ways to get the nutrition you need to preparation of quick, healthy meals.

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