A 4-year university computer science curriculum entirely on Coursera

Here at SmartStudent we’ve written numerous times about online courses and how you can take advantage of them.

Today we will show you how to complete a reasonable computer science curriculum using just Coursera courses, where “reasonable” is a curriculum that roughly mirrors the coursework required for a four-year university computer science degree.

A 4-year university computer science curriculum entirely on Coursera

“Semester” is a loose term in this case, as the courses vary in length from 6 to 14 weeks.

With Coursera you can Take the World’s Best Courses, Online, For Free.

The aim of this computer science education is to give the student a background in Algorithms, Control (robotics, other mechanical interactions), Data structures, Debugging, Electrical engineering, Hardware, Programming language theory, Software architecture & design, Networking, Systems programming and Mathematics.

Year 1

1st Semester

Computer Science 101

Calculus: Single Variable

Statistics One

Learn To Program: The Fundamentals

2nd Semester

Introduction To Logic

Data Analysis

Learn To Program: Crafting Quality Code

Introduction to Systematic Program Design

Year 2

1st Semester


Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (first half)

Writing in the Sciences

Introduction to Computer Networks

2nd Semester

Networks, Friends, Money and BytesThe Hardware/Software Interface

Probabilistic Graphical Models

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

Year 3

1st Semester

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (second half)

Algorithms Part 2

Control of Mobile Robots


2nd Semester

Programming Languages

Game Theory

Human Computer Interaction

Digital Signal Processing

Year 4

1st Semester

Computer Architecture


Pattern-Oriented Software Arch. For Concurrent and Networked Software

Image and Video Processing

2nd Semester


Machine Learning

Parallel Computing

Natural Language Processing

Go forth and build your computer science education!

Article based on research by Adam Fletcher

Author: SmartStudent

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