Should I Go to School in my Pajamas – Online vs Traditional Study

Many students today are taking classes in their pajamas. They are enrolled in online courses of study instead of attending a traditional brick and motor college. At traditional colleges, students do what we expect students to do. They go to class at the appointed time with their textbooks, pens and notebooks.

Today, there is a new breed of student who attends school when and where he or she likes and uses a laptop to access the class materials. What is so different about taking courses online?

Online Courses Offer More Flexibility

Most online courses are asynchronous. That means that the student can access the class at any time. Students do not need meet together at a set time and location. This offers the online student a great deal of flexibility. Conflicts between school, work and family obligations can be kept at a minimum. This is a great option for working parents and single parents. However, if a person is not self-motivated, they may not do well in these kind of classes.

Online Courses Have Limited Live Interaction

The modes of communication available in an online course are very different from a traditional course. In the virtual setting, students will not be able to meet their teacher face to face. Most communication is through emails, chatrooms and phone calls. If you are the kind of person who requires direct face to face communication with an instructor, then an online course may not be for you.

If you are comfortable reaching out to other students and your instructor using technology, then you may do well in an online setting. Going to an online college also loses the dimension of campus life. You will not be able meet be able to meet your fellow students in the traditional ways. This is an important issue to consider if you are looking for a traditional ldquo;college experience.

Classroom Experience

The classroom experience is different in online and traditional settings. In a traditional class, you develop and learn basic skills under the direct supervision of a teacher. In the online setting, you will mostly be responsible for developing these skills on your own with limited input from an instructor as you complete each task. The feedback that you receive is also different.

Many online instructors try to give more thorough feedback in order to make up for the lack of guidance available when working on each project. In addition, since most communication in an online course is written, your writing skills will also develop more rapidly.

An Honest Self-Assessment

The decision to enter an online college must be made with care. It requires an honest self-assessment. You have to ask yourself if you have the disciple and self-motivation necessary to make it in the online environment. Are you going to be okay with less interaction with peers and instructors? Most people seriously overestimate their available free time. You should take a hard look at your schedule to make sure that enough time can be allotted to each class.

If you can answer all these questions affirmatively, then pursuing your education online might be a good move for you. Just be sure to change out of your pajamas every once and a while.

Face to face study isn’t always an option. Especially for those who work full time. You can do an advanced diploma online through the Engineering Institute of Technology with live instructors today!

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