Ideas to Earn Extra Money as a College Freshman

Cash is king and when you know how to make some money when you’re in college it’s more than just golden. There are lots of ways a freshman can earn money in college but do you want to know which ones are the best?

It turns out that there are more than just a few “best” ways to make money. Every freshman college student should look at their individual situation and decide how they can make money. Here’s 3 ideas you can do to earn some extra cash.

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Idea #1 – Get a job

College students, especially freshmen students, don’t have a lot of extra time. Take jobs that don’t require heavy commitments and that might interfere with class schedules. Odd jobs are key. Babysitting, dog walking, car washing, moving assistance, and lots of other small jobs can really add up to cash your wallet.

Idea #2 – Research

Most colleges and universities participate in research. As a student you have the opportunity to help these researchers further science. To do that you need to volunteer your time to the research department. In return they will reward you with money, sweet! The payoffs might not be huge, but it’s really not that hard to do what they need. Example; you can get paid about R87,14 ($10) an hour just by taking some behavioral tests. The opportunities are out there, go get them.

Idea #3 – Tutoring

Depending on you, and your expertise, you can tutor school-age kids for money. Taking a job as a tutor has its benefits. If you’re very well-versed in the subject it can be very easy. If you’re organized and responsible tR217,84 ($25)he job my last throughout your college experience. Some tutors of school children can earn up to an hour. Take a look around your local schools and private tutor companies to see if you can fit in.

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