Using Your Looks to Pay for College

Most people reading the title to this may assume I’m writing about beauty pageants and modeling contracts. While it is possible to “get by on your good looks,” that’s not what I’m talking about here.

If you have a quirky trait related to your body’s exterior, you might be able to use it to pay for college. Those big ears from Grandpa Joe and that short stature from Great-Aunt Betsy could actually turn into positives if you give them a chance. Here is a look at some of the physical traits you could win scholarships for.


Tired of being six inches taller than everyone around you? Don’t complain too much. That height could land you a Tall Clubs International Scholarship, which is specifically designed for the “giants” of the modern world. If you are a woman over 5’10” or a man over 6’2″, this could be a great opportunity for you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, people with forms of dwarfism may qualify for the Little People of America Scholarships. There are different stipulations for different awards, but they re all meant to give shorties a chance to stand tall in college.


Being “big boned” may have gotten you made fun of in high school, but you can take all that pain straight to the bank. National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance Scholarships are designed to help overweight individuals fund their degrees. There are several scholarships to apply for, but you must be a member of the NAAFA to participate. If you are one already, this could be your chance at success.

Writing Hand

Did you make it out as a left-hander, despite those nuns trying to slap you in the wrist for it? Believe it or not, you could get a scholarship because of that. Juanita College offers the Fredrick and Mary F Beckley Left Handed Scholarship, specifically for people with dominating left hands. This might not be the first trait you would associate with a college scholarship, but it could help you cover part of your costs in school.

Hair Color

Proud redheads can turn their fiery follicles into cold-hard cash for college, thanks to The Scholarship for Redheads. This award is as simplistic as it sounds, made for people who were born with red hair. It is completely legitimate, and the prize money seems to grow every year. If you can prove your roots are ginger, you can apply for this scholarship.

Think about the physical traits that make you stand out, and then look for scholarships related to them. You might be surprised by the opportunities coming your way.

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