Five Reasons College Students Should Blog

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You’re a college student, and you don’t need me to tell you how busy that makes you. Between attending classes, studying, working, and socializing – at least – it’s hard to find time for extracurricular pursuits. Every college student should have at least one thing that’s their own and doesn’t revolve around their assigned curriculum. One thing that every college student can benefit from is starting their own blog, even if it never becomes more than a personal outlet. Here are five reasons why.

Five Reasons College Students Should Blog

Develop Your Style

Every writer has their own individual style, but it takes time and practice to cultivate it. Whether you aspire to be a writer or not, keeping a blog will help you develop your writing style. As you write new blog entries, you’ll notice the positive – and negative – aspects of your writing that seem to repeat. You can fine tune your style until you feel it’s natural. Many jobs require some type of writing, so it’s a good idea to get comfortable with your style now.

Find Your Voice

Similar to developing your style, you’ll also find your voice as a writer, but it has nothing to do with writing style. As you post blog entries, you’ll get lots of practice expressing yourself. You’ll gain confidence in your opinions and your ability to get your message across. This will strengthen your communication skills in general and help you stand out in the workforce as an individual who knows what they want and how to articulate it well.

Explore Your Interests

A blog is your personal space to explore and write about the things that interest you. If you write about and research topics that you’re passionate about, you’ll increase your knowledge and understanding of them. Your blog gives you a place to discuss the things that matter most to you – not just the things you were assigned in class. You have an outlet to in which to vet your opinions. You can even learn more by interacting with bloggers and commenters.

Create a Portfolio

You can also use a blog as a portfolio. Your entries can represent examples of your skills and knowledge. More likely, the blog will not be a portfolio per-se, but a comprehensive, long-running, and in-depth example of your work, your thoughts, your commitment, and your achievements. A well-kept blog can really impress potential employers, especially if you’re looking for a job in a field like writing or web design, and give you a leg-up over your peers.

Enhance Your Writing and Web Skills

While writing blog posts and maintaining a blog, you have the opportunity to hone a few different skills. You can practice your writing, for one thing, and learn to become a better writer grammatically and style-wise. You can also practice web design, HTML, CSS, and search engine optimization (SEO), among many other skills. Your blog can be a place for you to experiment, learn, test out new ideas, and become better at these skills through real application.

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