5 Best Food Conversion Calculators

At one time or another you had to convert between weight or volume when you wanted to cook or eat something. Measuring serving sizes are especially important if you are on some kind of diet or fitness plans.

Please note: Converting between weight and volume depends on the density of the substance, which changes with temperature and pressure. Generally speaking the density data is approximate as temperature and pressure are not taken into account. Even though some common substances specify the temperature they may still be considered approximate.

5 Best Food Conversion Calculators

5. Diana’s Desserts

More useful if you are a baking aficionado.

Visit Diana’s Desserts Conversion Calculator


Decent calculator with a conversion table that you can print out.

Visit About.com Conversion Calculator

3. OnlineConversion.com

Great converter with some common substances that you can easily convert.

Visit OnlineConversion.com Converter

2. Google

Google recently updated their calculator abilities by making it easy to switch between different measurements.

Visit Google Conversion Calculator

1. Wolfram Alpha

We rate Wolfram Alpha’s calculator as the best in this list and above Google because you can easily switch between metric and other differentiating measurements (e.g. US cup vs UK cup).

Visit Wolram Alpha Conversion Calculator


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