Phlebotomists in high demand

Experienced medical personnel are always in demand, as the demands for caring individuals to enter the healthcare field are growing at an alarming rate.

Adding to the dilemma of current healthcare requirements, the phlebotomy student should become trained quickly in order to accept a job as soon as possible. With much of the growing demand blamed on the baby boomers who are now aging and requiring more healthcare, as well as the medical personnel retiring from work.

Bringing in well trained phlebotomist, in order to assist with the healthcare demands is a top priority. Phlebotomist offers a great deal of assistance to medical personnel, and include: assisting Nurses and Doctors by drawing blood for a variety of medical tests; performing finger sticks for patients with diabetes; and some certified phlebotomist test blood samples for iron levels.

University of Delaware Health Science students practice phlebotomy.

Training to enter the healthcare field in any sector is a promising career path; but for the phlebotomist it can be even more promising. Phlebotomy training and certification can be completed within 6-12 months depending on the school choice. Some comprehensive phlebotomy courses will allow a phlebotomy student to work along with a licensed instructor prior to receiving certification in an attempt to speed up the training and phlebotomist certification requirements.

With the growing demand for healthcare providers; training has to be effective and fast in order to bring high quality students into the workforce to care for patients. Many certified phlebotomist also known as (lab technicians) start working as a certified phlebotomist while pursuing an associate’s degree in phlebotomy. Once the associate’s degree is obtained; many phlebotomist return to school to complete a bachelors degree program. With the current demand for phlebotomy students the career choices will only increase with time.

Schools that offer a comprehensive learning program are the best ones to pursue when making a decision to become a phlebotomist. There are a number of colleges and universities that offer training in phlebotomy and include the following:

  • Bossier Parrish Community College, located in Louisiana is the top school in Louisiana for Phlebotomy students.
  • Lansing Community College, located in Michigan, is the top phlebotomy school in the United States.
  • Pima Medical Institute, located in Mesa Arizona, is the second top phlebotomy school in the United States.
  • North Seattle Community College, located in Washington, is the third top phlebotomy school in the United States.
  • Institute of Business and Technology, located in Santa Clara California, is the fourth top phlebotomy school in the United States.
  • Clover Park Technical College, located in Lakewood, Washington, is the fifth top phlebotomy school in the United States.
  • Santa Rosa Junior College, located in Santa Rosa, California, is the sixth top phlebotomy school in the United States.
  • Ultimate Medical Academy, located in both Clearwater and Tampa Florida, is the seventh top phlebotomy school in the United States.

With the advanced comprehensive learning environment; phlebotomy students can count on learning how to perform the job duties involved in their career with both course work, as well as hands on learning.

About the author: Carrie Holmes, Is a NCMA who trains people to become CNAs and CMA she is also a phlebotomy training specialist who enjoys helping students prepare to enter the phlebotomy career. Please visit for more information about phlebotomy and this great healthcare field.

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