Overwhelmed by Your College Reading Load? Here are Four Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Overwhelmed by Your College Reading Load? Here are Four Tips to Make Your Life Easier

If you’re like many new college students, you might be a little stressed out about all the schoolwork you’ve been assigned. Whether you attend a large university, a smaller liberal arts school or a military friendly college, your workload is probably several times what it was in high school.

In particular, many new students are overwhelmed by the amount of reading they’re expected to do. Since finishing all your reading is important for scoring well on exams, here are some tips for staying on top of your college reading load.

Do a little bit each day

If you know you have to read 150 pages for Tuesday and it’s Thursday now, don’t wait to start reading. Many professors have reading quizzes, and you’re not likely to do well if you’ve just crammed over 100 pages the night before. Reading 30 pages a day is much better than 150 pages the day before class. You’ll remember the information better and feel less stressed out.

Schedule it

Schedule the reading you have for each day in your datebook to make sure you have the time to do it. If you don’t set aside time for reading in advance, you’re more likely to put it off until the last minute.

Professors will tell you that you’ll have several hours of work for every hour of class time. Consider that when you’re putting together your schedule, and make sure you set aside enough time for your reading.

Don’t think the rest of the semester will have as little reading as the first few weeks. The amount of reading and other assignments you have to do increases dramatically during midterms and finals.

Say no sometimes

In college, you can’t do everything you want and still have time for your work. You may have played three sports and been president of five clubs in high school, but in college you just can’t take on that many commitments. If you’re in that many activities, you just won’t have left to do your reading.

Stick to one or two activities you really love. The same goes for social events. If you go out with friends every night, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll get all of your work done.


If you have a ton of reading for several different classes, you might need to choose one assignment over another. You should always start with the reading due first, even if it disrupts your 30 pages a day for another class. It just doesn’t make any sense to neglect reading due tomorrow to do an assignment due two days from now.

There are some exceptions of course. For example, if you have a test in a class a few days from now, you might consider studying before you begin your reading for tomorrow. You just have to figure out what’s most important, and go from there.

Start reading now to get ahead of schedule, whether you’re a student at a community college, a prestigious university, or a military friendly college! This post is brought to you by guest author Michelle Deaven.

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