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K9's internals

K9’s internals

Gone are the days when engineering meant mechanical and civil and computer engineering. If you happen to think engineering is still limited to these three, you need to wake up and look around. The possibilities that the engineering profession offers you are not only limitless but also very exciting.

If you are considering a career in engineering, you already know more than enough about those fields in engineering that most engineering aspirants flock towards. However, the unknown and the unexplored are always much more exciting than the beaten path.

If you have opened your eyes and are looking around, these words will catch your eye – Sustainability Design Engineering. Sustainable design engineers are those that design physical objects that are also ecologically sustainable. This ranges from the interiors of houses, buildings and cities to better methods of bio-degradation. Sounds interesting? With the world getting increasingly conscious of the fragility of the environment these engineers are in demand.

While pay packets differ from country to country, their salaries are known to be lucrative. If you love the complexities of the human body and engineering at the same time, you could take a look at bio-mechanical engineering. While applying the principles of mechanical engineering to biological systems, you may be designing products like running shoes and swimming equipment that will heighten human performance and comfort. There is no dearth of money in this world; everyone who can afford to buys products that will make their lives more comfortable. Need we say anything about the pay packets then?

Blue orange green technical abstract, Digital DNA, City of Palo Alto, Art in Public Places, 9.01.05, California, USA 9364

Blue orange green technical abstract

If you do love computers beyond anything else and understand their complex working, computer hardware engineering may be the right option for you. Hardware includes every part that the computer is made of and hardware engineering ranges from researching and designing and testing computer hardware. And yes, the pay packets are very enticing.

If you are feel strongly about the deplorable state of agriculture in a lot of developing countries, you could consider agricultural engineering so that you can actually do something about it. The scope of this field is just as vast as agriculture is – you could be designing irrigation and drainage and water control systems or you could be designing agricultural machinery and equipment or you could even be researching agricultural product processing and improving the field beyond imagination!

The list could go on. Engineering has diversified to aeronautical and aerospace engineering, mineral engineering, systems engineering, photonics engineering, environmental engineering, architectural engineering, nuclear engineering, oceans engineering and transportation engineering. You would undoubtedly find many more if you looked it up.

If you have the skill in you to apply scientific principles and design products to make the world a better place to live in, you should consider a career in engineering. You could build bridges, you could build buildings, you could design rockets that reach other solar systems and you could build space shuttles. Don’t go by the most popular fields in engineering. Pick the one that attracts you the most and money will never be a problem.

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