Top 10 Party Schools of the Past Decade

College students must strike a delicate balance between building friendships and gaining an education. Some university campuses have a reputation for encouraging hours of studying, hard work and significant academic progress. Other campuses are known across the country as “party schools” where students can earn a degree while enjoying beer, football and advanced social relations.’s newest infograph features 10 of the top party schools of the last 10 years.

Covering schools from across the country, the infograph gives a wealth of statistics. The top schools for beer drinking and marijuana use are revealed. The top 10 universities for Greek life are displayed, although surprisingly some campuses manage to host large numbers of fraternities and sororities without topping the lists for drinking or partying. Famous alumni are also listed for certain schools, and readers may be surprised to discover which politician attended a famous party school. The infograph also includes famous annual parties. Rankings may change from year to year or decade to decade, but some schools have traditional festivities that have lasted for decades. With this infograph, you’ll know where to party for years to come.

Top 10 party schools - Click to enlarge

Top 10 party schools – Click to enlarge


Source: Best Colleges Online

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