Dorm Shower Etiquette

If you are going to be living in a dorm, you will be sharing a bathroom and shower space. College showers are private and public at the same time and can require a great deal of adjustment for those who are used to taking a shower at home. Because this is a shared space, different rules apply and, unless you want to make some enemies fast, it is vital that you learn and follow dorm shower etiquette.

You definitely SHOULD…

  • Wear flip-flops or shower shoes. Even though you will probably like most or all of the people you will be sharing a space with, remember that even good people can have funky, dirty feet. Wearing shoes in the shower will protect your feet from the funk of others as well as athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.
  • Bring a towel or robe to wear back to your room. Make sure to always remember your towel by keeping a clean one next to your shower shoes or caddy. Taking a towel or robe with you will prevent you from having to put your nasty clothes back on after you get nice and clean.
  • Use a shower caddy to carry your essentials. Keep your shampoo and conditioner, body wash, razor, shaving cream, and other essentials in your caddy for easy transport to and from the shower./p
  • Clean up your hair. Scoop your hair out of the rain and make a quick check to see that you aren’t leaving hair everywhere for the next person to deal with. How would you feel if you went to take a shower and the whole stall was covered in hair?
  • Leave the area nice and clean. Make sure you leave the shower at least as clean as you found it by giving it a quick rinse.

You definitely SHOULDN’T…

Take very long showers. Although the hot water may be relaxing to you, staying in too long will cause a delay for everyone else who needs a shower. Keep it short to show respect to others.

  • Use the shower for “romance”. Taking a shower with a special friend is extremely disrespectful to others in your residence hall. It’s also highly inappropriate and disgusting. Do you want to shower in a stall that someone has used for couple’s fun? Take your date somewhere a little more personal and private.
  • Expect privacy. This is not your family home, where you will have uninterrupted privacy for your showers. Even though you will have your own stall with a curtain or door, other people are sharing your bathroom. This means there will be talking, hot water shortages, and people coming and going while you shower, effectively eliminating any illusion of privacy.
  • The mysteries of the dorm shower will come clear to you fairly soon after moving in. Even though it may seem weird or overwhelming at first, you will soon get used to it and it will be just another part of your new life.

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