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Students today have a vast array of resources available at their fingertips. Apps for smartphones and tablets, the Internet – these all provide learning assistance that were not available years ago. No matter what topic the student is studying or what information they want to find, it can easily be done through computers. The following are five of the best online resources for students.

1. Edublogs

Edublogs is a blogging platform that contains blogs written by students. Through the site, blogs can be made public or private, so students can opt to share information with everyone or select a designated group of people who can view it. Many teachers are using Edublogs for student assignments, and this information can be accessed by other students across the globe. The site can also be integrated with Twitter and Facebook, and videos can easily be embedded for additional information.

Students enjoy blogging, and it can help them stay focused on their studies as well as learn additional information on specific topics from other students.

2. Fathom

Fathom is a website that provides free information and online educational resources. Provided by Columbia University, this site contains articles, exhibits, lectures, interviews and seminars to help students gain more valuable information. The information on the site is provided by Columbia University, London School of Economics, British Library, University of Chicago, the Science Museum, University of Michigan and more. Students can use the information from Fathom for studying or to add additional content to term or research papers.

3. Google Scholar

Google Scholar works like Google search, in that students can perform a search to find out more information. On the site, students will find articles reviewed by other students as well as research and thesis papers. Information on the site comes from academic organizations, universities and numerous scholars. This site contains a vast array of information on a giant number of topics, which can easily help a student gain more information.

4. The Research Channel

If viewing lectures and presentations is your preferred way to learn The Research Channel is a great source. As a non-profit organization, The Research Channel is dedicated to providing students with information from trusted academic institutions. With over 3,500 titles, students can watch these videos and lectures to gain more information on a specific topic or use the videos to improve presentations. Along with The Research Channel website, students can also access the information provided by the site through their YouTube channel.

5. World Public Library

World Public Library is one of the greatest student resources for studying, researching and teaching. As the largest eBook provider, it contains over 750,000 electronic texts on every imaginable topic. Books, dictionaries, documents, literature, encyclopedias – all of these can be found on the site. World Public Library contains both newer materials as well as classic pieces, providing students with a wealth of knowledge. It is dubbed World Public Library as it contains all of these pieces in a variety of languages.

If you are interested in finding information online to help you learn more on specific topic, study or simply add interesting information to a project or presentation, these five online resources are some of the best options available today.

Written by L. Smith a college application essays professional and avid reader.

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