3 Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Job

I know that everyone is talking about the current global economic situation, and how a lot of people are being laid off. But if you take a look at any of the major job websites, you are going to find thousands if not hundreds of thousands of jobs currently available.

If there are so many jobs, then why are you still unemployed?

The answer may be less complex than you think, because there are some basic tips that a lot of job seekers fail to take advantage off, that can really help you with changing your current jobless status.

So what are these tips? Well let me share them with you…

Be Willing To Search Outside Your Preferences

Obviously you are going to want to start your job search on the positions you are both qualified and interested in. But if you are not having any luck with these job openings, then maybe it is time to widen the net and start applying for other positions that are maybe more entry level – just so you get back into the workforce. You can always continue applying for the positions you want after taking a job you may not want. It’s all about covering your expenses first and then working on getting into the career you want.

Target Your Resume

Another common mistake I always notice is that people use the exact same cover letter and resume for every single job they apply for. Sure you have specific strengths that you want to highlight, but each job is different, so wouldn’t it make sense that you modify your resume to suit each individual position? Now I’m not talking about scraping your resume after each application and completely re-writing it for your next one. Just edit it to target each individual position – this will make your application stand out to a potential employee.

Dress Appropriately for Your Interview

It constantly surprises me how little effort some people put into their job interviews. This is the first visual contact that your potential employer has with you, so doesn’t it make sense to present yourself in the best light? Then why do so many people attend interviews is old and wrinkled clothes and expect to walk away with a job? Dress professional (and appropriately) for the position your are applying for.

These tips are a great start if you are looking for things to change when you job hunting isn’t going the way that you want it to.

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