Top 5 campus radio stations in South Africa

Here is SmartStudent’s top 5 university radio stations, ranked by availability, popularity and quality of the programming.

5. PUKfm

PUKfm is a campus radio stasion whose target market consists primarily of students and scholars. We have a diverse and multicultural feel and we spesialise in Rock, Afrikaans and pop music. We also keep our listeners up to date with the latest news (campus, local, national and international) happenings. PUKfm broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visit PUK fm website | Listen Live to PUKfm

4. Tuks FM

Tuks FM, based in Pretoria, is a Greater Tshwane youth station, targeting people under the age of 35, irrespective of race, sex, culture or creed. The self-proclaimed “best rock radio station in South Africa”, tune in to Tuks FM 107.2 for the best in new and rocking music!

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UJFM 95.4 has transformed its on-air broadcast programs content, from a previously “Rock” music style type, to an “info-tainment” medium that includes an eclectic mix of music and talk. With content that is pertinent to a primary target audience between the ages of 16 years and 28 years; we reflect the demographics of the UJ community.

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2. UCT Radio

UCT Radio is a student-run, campus-community station, catering not only to the students and staff of UCT but also secondary school pupils and the broader youth community of Cape Town. It should also be said though that they are ‘the biggest campus station in Cape Town and the only one licensed to broadcast to the metropole.

Visit UCT Radio website | Listen Live to UCT Radio

1. MFM

MFM 92.6 is a campus radio station based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, The station broadcasts in the region of a 20 km radius to approximately 35 000 listeners. The station broadcasts 24/7 and is targeted to the youth market and in particular Stellenbosch University students.

Visit MFM website | Listen Live to MFM


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