5 Tips for Choosing the Right Career Path

When you have finally decided that your current career path just isn’t doing it for you anymore, you have a lot to think about. While it’s great to simply get out of where you’ve been and don’t want to be anymore, you have to use some strategy about it or you’ll just go into another intolerable place. The following are a few ways you can tell what your best possible next career should be. Don’t be afraid to take some time thinking about it, either.

The Work Excites You

When you’re truly excited by a kind of work, even when you aren’t doing it yet, you know you’re onto something. When you try shadowing someone at a particular profession or even reading about the kind of work and the entire notion of it excites you, this is a very good sign. Ultimately, doing work that is truly exciting and emotionally rewarding is the best way to go.

You’d Do This Job for Free

Compensation will only carry you so far in life. If you wouldn’t do the kind of work you’re considering doing for free, you really don’t want to do it all that much. While taking on high paying work is fine, ultimately you’ll rapidly burn out if all you care about is getting a paycheck.

You Feel Truly Satisfied Volunteering for Similar Work

Real professional satisfaction rarely has all that much to do with how much money you take in. While getting paid is great, if you can volunteer and still enjoy it you’ve found something you could really enjoy professionally. Job satisfaction is key to being a high performer.

You’re Really Good at the Work

You might as well do what you’re best at, and having talents and skills at a particular line of work can make it far more pleasant than having to struggle. If you find yourself all but gliding through a particular set of tasks, you might have just found your flow in life. When you’ve got a job like that, you would be wise to stick with it and work your magic every day.

It Doesn’t Feel Like Working

The entire notion of flow is about taking work to its next natural level — that of play. While a lot of people think that work and play can never be the same thing, for the people who are best at what they do working and playing are almost entirely one and the same. If you go to work and feel like you’re just having fun accomplishing things, you’ve found your profession.

Work should be rewarding and fun much of the time. If it is, you’ve found what you should be doing in life. If you’d do the work for free, doing it for money will be perfect for you.

About the Author: Jackson Norat works in a career counseling office at a local job training academy. He often researches education funding opportunities, grants for single mothers, and anything else he can find that will help his students become educated.

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