How to Prepare for the College Application Process

Applying for college can be a time consuming, strenuous, and stressful process. After all, there is a lot of documentation and information to gather, and how you present all of that information can make or break your application. Fortunately, there are some ways you can make the most of your college admission efforts. Here are some useful tips for how to prepare for the college application process:

Start early

Don’t wait until high school graduation time to begin preparing your college applications. Remember that your high school transcripts will be an integral part of your application, as well as recommendations from teachers. Therefore, you should start thinking about your college career early on in your high school year. Take inventory of the best classes you can take to give you best possible chances of getting into your program of choice, and indicate to your most influential teachers that you would like their support when it comes time to apply to college.


There are thousands of colleges to choose from, and each one has its own unique application process. Therefore you cannot approach the college application process with a one-size-fits-all mindset. Research the colleges you are interested in, and that offer the program you want to pursue. Take your time deciding which colleges you most want to apply to, and find out from them what will be required of you. That way, you can begin gathering and compiling all necessary documentation, as well as preparing any forms and essays, well in advance of deadline time.

Ask advice

If you are not sure exactly where you want to apply to college, or which program you want to pursue, you should schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor. A good guidance counselor should be able to help you identify your strengths, set some goals, and find colleges that will best suit your needs.

Create a calendar

Once you have decided which colleges you want to apply for, create a detailed calendar with all of the application due dates/deadlines, as well as everything you are required to submit for each application. Keep this calendar in plain sight so that you can stay on task on a day-to-day basis, and so that you know exactly what your next step should be, every step of the way.

The college application process can seem overwhelming if you don’t take the proper steps to keep yourself on track (and to ease your mind of stress). Follow these tips to prepare for this all-important time in your life, and to stay sane in the process.

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