What to expect on your first day in university

The first day at university can be daunting for any student, and one thing you should expect is chaos. Between finding your classes, trying to take shorthand notes & book references, you might go a little bit crazy.. But there is hope!

Get to know the campus and your class locations before university start

Try to walk around campus a few days before school starts and find out where your classrooms are located. It will save you from arriving 15 minutes late for your classes, which irritates some professors. All new students feel disoriented, but you will feel more confident if you know where to show up.

Each professor has a unique style that you will get used to

Your professors will hand out a syllabus and start a lecture. Each professor’s lecture style is different. Don’t worry, though. In a few weeks, you’ll get used to his or her style and start to recognize the faces of your fellow students.

Visit the Welcome Week and join at least one activity

Most universities have some type of “Welcome Week” in the student centre with tons of activities for new students. You don’t have to go to every activity, but if something sounds interesting, check it out. It’s a good way to meet new friends too.

Take notes with a book and pen

Some students use laptops to take notes, but it can also be an incredible distraction because of the temptation to check your Facebook or IM a friend. I’d recommend a single notebook and a pen. (If you want to take really effective notes check out the Cornell note-taking method!) Use a different color notebook for each class. Write down anything that goes on the blackboard and anything that the professor repeats multiple times. A good professor will have a way of emphasizing words so you know they are important. Don’t worry about neatness – as long as you can read your own handwriting, you’re okay.

Good luck!

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