Change your life: Know your goals

Welcome to the final chapter in the life changing guide. We are wrapping up the guide with the final piece of advice that brings everything together:

Know your goals and actively work to achieve them

  • Write down all your goals right now. Fitness goals, workplace goals etc. Make them achievable.
  • Next to each one, write a time-frame you think is reasonable for it – if you can’t achieve it within 6 months, it’s too big of a goal for now. Set a smaller one, achieve the big one later.
  • Next, write down steps you will take to achieve this goal. Some might be from this guide.
  • Extrapolate more, find others. Come up with ideas – if you want to get into the music industry, find contacts within it and ask them to help you and so on.
  • Finally, achieve each of the steps. Since they are reduced to smaller steps and not whole goals they are achieved much more easily. You can do it!

Author: SmartStudent

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