Change your life: Find yourself

We’ve come to the penultimate chapter in our life changing guide. Previously we discussed how to fix your social life.

This may come off as extremely corny, however it isn’t but rather necessary to fulfil your journey of changing your life.

Find yourself

  • Determine what your opinions are on everything. Don’t know if there’s a God or not? Do some reading, formulate an opinion. You do the same process on major topics you are interested in.
  • Push yourself to your limits physically Weightlifting, marathons, uphill springs, whatever you want to do. Keep going until you can’t keep going. Then keep going anyway. Channel Courage Wolf!
  • Push yourself mentally. Read the “Get smarter” section again, and persevere at it.
  • Deal with your past. Share you secrets with someone you trust and find a way to cope. Accept that there’s nothing you can do to change the past, and you must deal with anything that has happened. You can still change the future, so do so.
  • Travel while you are still young.
  • Know your morals in theory. Do not deviate from them, no exceptions or you will regret it.
  • Stop caring what other people think. Find places where you are happiest and visit them often. Go for walks, see the world, see nature, see mankind. Reflect.
  • If you died right now, would you have regrets? Fix them.

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