8 tricks to shorten your daily routine

Being a student can mean that you are in a rush most days to get to your early-morning classes. Here are 8 tricks to shorten your daily routine.

  1. Don’t check your email or Facebook first thing in the morning as this will undoubtedly lead you off on some tangent that will consume 30 minutes of your day.
  2. Don’t turn on the TV while you’re getting ready as you’ll undoubtedly find yourself staring at it instead of getting ready. Turn on the radio instead, it’s way less distracting.
  3. Do everything in the exact same order and you’ll naturally get more efficient at it, my preferred morning order is eat, groom, dress (to avoid getting food or anything else on my clothes).
  4. Eat the same thing for breakfast every weekday. As soon as I wake up I grab a chilled bottle of water out of the fridge and chug it while I’m relieving myself. Then, I get a cup of coffee brewing and boil some eggs. Then I drink the coffee while I’m boiling two eggs. Eat the eggs and finish my coffee without rushing, this whole process takes 15 minutes without hurrying.
  5. Turn on the water to the shower, disrobe, apply toothpaste to your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you’re getting into the shower.
  6. Keep your showers short, it takes 5 minutes to brush your teeth and wash everything (more for long hair). Nobody needs a 20 minute shower (think of the planet too!).
  7. Keep things in their place, and you’ll save tons of time not looking for them. This doesn’t have to be complicated or involve a trip to Crate and Barrel: take a bowl (or box or baseball cap) stick it next to your cell phone charger and put your wallet, keys and cell phone inside it.
  8. Time your commute and compare different routes, you might be surprised. I thought I was saving time by taking the back roads, but it turned out it was faster to just go along with all the other traffic on the highway.

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