Change your life: Fix your social life

Now that you are better with money, why don’t we fix your social life!

  • Nobody’s perfect. So what’s wrong with you? Are you arrogant, not confident enough, make rude jokes? Find out bad aspects of your personality and find a way to fix them. (Ask your closest friends for an honest opinion).
  • Meet new people. Go to bars, clubs, the theatre. Find events on Facebook. Pursue relationships, pursue friendships, and so on. The more people you talk to and the more things you do with your life, the better your social life will become.
  • Start social events of your own. Are you reliant on other people to set up your social life? This weekend hold a poker night with your friends, they’ll appreciate it.
  • Determine your true friends, keep them and work to improve your relationship.
  • Any hobby acn be a social event. There are clubs, meetups and parties for just about everything. The most important thing is exposure.

The friendship algorithm according to Dr. Sheldon Cooper:

Friendship algorithm

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