Change your life: Fix your wardrobe

Now that you are more skilled, we are continuing the SmartStudent’s CYLG with entry 6, Fix your wardrobe.

Fix your wardrobe

  • First of all: Don’t Panic. There are lots of aspects, and as with most things many differing opinions, regarding fashion. Starting from scratch and working towards your goal can be a long journey, but even the most simple steps can already make a difference in your outward appearance.
  • You should start by working with what you have and then gradually replacing and growing your wardrobe. You should begin to see basic rules for good fit. You could have the most expensive, colour-matched clothes and would still look sloppy if they are too big or too small.In summary: step one is good fit. Learn the rules and check your clothes. If you don’t have many items with good fit right now, don’t worry about it. But be prepared to replace the ill-fitting items with higher priority.
  • Everybody has a place in their wardrobe for certain things. That shirt with a stain on it is fine for a day of painting, those old sneakers are fine for a gym workout. But when things that you couldn’t wear to an event demanding smart casual constitute 60% of your wardrobe, then we have a problem. Fix it by saving up some money and buying more clothes.The easiest way to fix your wardrobe is the following. First, create a list of adult clothes, if you are reading this I assume you are past fifteen and you’re starting to dress sensibly. So you’ll be stocking up on short and long sleeve shirts, plain colours, quality jeans and pants, dress shoes etc.
  • Secondly, visit a clothing store that stocks the kind of style you are going for. Show the shopkeeper your list and ask them to suggest their best stock. The chances are there you are not going to get everything from one shop so look around. Also worth a shot to go have a look at thrift stores if you are on a tight budget.

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