Change your life: Become better with money

Last time you learned how to dress better, so let’s continue to Step 7. Only 3 more steps left in the series!

Become better with money

  • I recently read a great book called the The Richest Man in Babylon that has some central advice in it, start saving! Set aside a percentage of your paycheck into a savings account with preferably a high interest rate. Let it be and don’t touch it. You must do this no matter what.
  • Stop spending your money on pointless things. You don’t have to be frugal, but don’t be wasteful either.
  • If you care to, invest money in good stocks. Nothing risky or trendy. Find a solid stock (companies like Microsoft), look at their history graph. If it’s at a peak, don’t buy. If it’s not going to be at a peak for a while, buy. Learn more about the stock market before investing.
  • Find ways to make money out of existing hobbies if you can. Look for ways to make a quick profit. You never ride that bicycle any more. Sell it. Or look for opportunities: Your friend has a bicycle he never rides, and your other friend needs a bicycle. Buy the bicycle at a low price and sell it back to your other friend.

Remember, small things add up over time!

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