Change your life: Become more skilled

Previously we discussed how to become more knowledgeable, for Step 5 we will apply that knowledge hands-on to become more skilled!

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Become more skilled

  • Take up a new hobby regarding one of your interests. Better yet, take up two. This will provide you with entertainment, plus down the line you may be able to make money off your new-found hobby.
  • Visit and consult websites like Askmen, Art of Manliness, wikiHow, eHow, Lifehacker and so forth. Read books on the subject, Google things.
  • Learn new skills frequently:
    Shuffling cards, changing a tyre, fishing, basic sewing skills, ironing, first aid, setting up a tent, creating a good fire, whistling, reading a map etc.
  • Go out and practice these skills. You will not only learn a new skill but you will feel accomplished in doing so. When those skills come in handy, and you do the best job of them, everybody will gain respect for you.

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