Change your life: Get smarter

This is Step 4 in the ‘Change your life in 10 Steps’ guide! Previously we talked about Appearance & Hygience.

Get smarter and more knowledgeable

  • Develop a list of books you want to read. This should be composed of non-fiction about many subjects (politics, geography, religion etc.) so you become a modern day Renaissance Man, as well as fiction that isn’t just good entertainment, but will also make you think.
  • Keep learning. Instead of only playing videogames or watching TV, download a free music making program and start making beats. Get creative.
  • Start a Wikipedia adventure. Wikipedia is a great source for knowledge (and can also be a huge time sink!)
  • Watch TED talks. This should spark new ideas in you, as well as give you some seriously cool stuff to talk about.
  • Set your homepage to Newser or your favourite news site. You will read the news every day. This also links up with point 3. Come across something in the article you don’t know much about? Start a Wikipedia adventure!

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