Change your life: Apperance & Hygiene

Welcome to Step 3 in the ‘Change your life in 10 Steps’ guide!

Last time we gave some healthy eating advice in Step 2, and this time round we will be talking about Appearance and Hygiene.

Appearance & Hygience

  • Get a haircut that suits you. Bring a picture of what you want to show the barber/hairstylist.
  • Fix your acne by changing your pillow cover often or sleeping on a towel. Don’t touch your face
  • Use an abrasive scrubby/loofah in hot water to get off all of your dead skin. Follow up by washing ONCE with a good body wash with a less abrasive sponge/scrubby. This evens out your skin tone pretty well along with tanning. Shower once a day, no more. It’s bad for your skin to do more.
  • Brush your teeth and remember to floss. Flossing can prevent many dentist bills.
  • Keep your fingernails short if you’re a guy.
  • You know what’s wrong with your appearance, fix it!

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