Change your life: Exercise

SmartStudent is beginning a 10 step series on how to change your life. The purpose of this series is to provide you with a complete and unequivocal guide to changing your life for the better.

Some of these advice may seem very basic at times, but we believe it’s important to reflect over the simple stuff too now and a then! (This guide will be marked with the tag CYLG for future reference!).

Step 1. Exercise

  • Start exercising more, and keep scaling it up.
  • Run and swim, they’re great. Start easy, but each week go further and further.
  • Find ways to force yourself to exercise. Every time you die in your favourite online game, you’ll do an exercise. Pushups, sit-ups, chin-ups, planks, wall squats and dips,a ll great for general body exercises.
  • Get into weightlifting if you want more muscle. Starting Strength is a great workout plan to start at. Follow it until you bench your bodyweight + 10 kilogram, and by then your squats/deadlifts/press/whatever will be proportionally strong if you’ve done it right. Then start doing more reps and sets.
  • Start practising a martial art. You want something taxing, and ideally also something that would prepare you for any situation. Try Muay Thai, boxing or Ju Jitsu. Find a gym where you can hit people hard!

That’s it for Step 1 in this series. Tune in next week for Step 2, Eating Healthy.

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