Change your life: Eating healthy

Welcome to step 2 in our ‘Change your life in 10 Steps’ guide!

Last time we gave some great exercise advice in Step 1, and this time round we will be talking about Eating healthy. Exercise helps a great deal with changing your life, but by far the most significant thing you can do is to fix your diet: eat less and eat better.

Step 2: Eating healthy

  • Very simple. Want to be more muscular? Eat more in conjunction with a good weight lifting routine. Want to get skinnier? Consume fewer calories than you burn. Read: Eat less!
  • You already know what’s healthy and what’s not. From this point on, you do not drink soft drinks or juice, and alcohol in moderation. You do not eat potato chips or sugary treats. One cheat day a week may help keep you going, but don’t go overboard. Eating 7 cakes on a cheat day isn’t going to help you. Putting the cheat day on a normal weekday, rather than a weekend, is usually a good idea, to keep from binging
  • Eat your vegetables, your fruits, your red and white meats, your fish, your wholegrain, your dairy.
  •  Learn to cook for your yourself.Buy a cookbook, buy the necessary ingredients and teach yourself. You will be slow and clumsy at first but keep trying. This will make you healthy and also get you laid.

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